Five Routine Maintenance Services You Should Consider

There are stories of vehicles running for hundreds of thousands of miles and a large number of years, like the story of the million-mile Elantra we previously mentioned. Not that we expect our Glen Burnie drivers to reach a million miles in their Hyundai car or SUV, we do know the best way to keep your vehicle running smoothly and as like-new as possible is to have it regularly maintained and serviced.

Here are five of the most common routine maintenance services we recommend.

  • Oil Changes - Not changing you oil can cause many problems, including much more expensive engine issues, and is a simple procedure that won't take very long. We will switch out the old oil for a fresh new batch and replace your filter as well. This will keep your engine running smoothly.
  • Tire Rotations - One would think that all four tires would wear evenly, but the truth is that, depending on how you drive and where you drive frequently, your tires each receive a different amount of wear. To keep you tires all the same, they should be rotated at every oil change.
  • Brake Inspections - While your tires are being rotated, you should also have your technician check your brakes, especially if you've been noticing a slight squeal when you apply the brakes, a squishy feeling, or a shudder.
  • Tire Alignments - Have you recently noticed your vehicle veers to one side when it should be going straight? That last pothole you hit may have done more damage than you've realized. Let us take a look to see if you require an alignment.
  • Battery Checks - Over time your car battery can wear out. If you've had to have a friend jump your car, you'll want to have your battery tested or even replaced.

These are just four of the many maintenance issues or service problems our service center can handle. We would love for you to schedule an appointment or visit our Bob Bell Hyundai dealership to learn more today!

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