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Remote Start with Climate Control
Start, cool or warmyour car before you ever get in.*
Live in an area with extreme temperatures? Starting your Hyundai's engine, warming or cooling the cabin and turning on the defroster is as easy as a few taps in the app or saying "Alexa, start my car and set the temperature to 75 degrees."  The engine will run for up to 10 minutes, or less if you prefer to set a timer.
Remote Door
Lock & Unlock
Simply enter your PIN to lock or unlockyour Hyundai from wherever you are.  It's that easy.
Have you ever sent your friend to the car without a key or forgotten to lock the doors?  Don't sweat it.  With a simple command and your PIN, you can lock and unlock your Hyundai using your smartphone, smartwatch or even your connected home device.  And to be on the safe side, if you unlock the doors but don;t open them Blue Link will auto relock your doors after 30 seconds.
On-Demand Diagnostics
and Alerts
We'll send you personalized vehicle health reports and let you know when it's time to schedule service.
To give you peace of mind, you can run a full vehicle diagnostic check directly from your Hyundai's touchscreen.  If an issue is found, you can schedule service by simply pressing the Service Link button on the rearview mirror, and the details will be automatically sent to your preferred dealer.  We'll also email you monthly reports and reminders when it's time for regular maintenance.
Destination Search
powered by Google ™®
Find nearby destinations by simply pressing a button and saying where you want to go, right from the driver's seat.
If your Hyundai is equipped with navigation, you can use the Blue Link app or in-car voice command to search destinations - like the highest rated Italian restaurant or cheapest gas in the area.  Blue Link then syncs with your navigation system, so your route is ready to go when you are.  You can even save a destination for quick access in the future.